wandrful was born from our desire to roam, share, learn, be inspired, and cultivate authentic relationships.

It all started with a surf camp…

Having spent time in many surf camps over the years, Barbara realized that what kept bringing her back had little to do with the surfing itself. It was spending time in nature with new and old friends, having shared experiences, inspiring conversations, and growing together as a group that created deep and lasting memories.


wandrful developed from a desire to create a community where those types of experiences are the norm. A community defined by openness and inclusion, where you immediately feel like you’re part of the family.

Meet Barbara, the mountain native…

A true mountain native, Barbara grew up in the Swiss mountain town of Flims. From a young age, she’s had the desire to discover new places and different cultures, and spent a year as an exchange student in Western Australia at the age of 16.

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Unable to shake the call to wander, she spent 7 months slow traveling through India and SouthEast Asia, another 4 months traveling through Central America, and countless other trips along the way.


After several years of working in Tourism and Hospitality, she found her true calling in Social Pedagogy and has spent the last eight years working with children with special needs.

Meet Daniel, the California techie…

Originally from California, Daniel has spent the last 10 years living abroad. While completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science, he rediscovered his passion for the mountains and abandoned any possibility of pursuing a conventional career path.


After graduation, he spent six years working as a freelance programmer and living as a digital nomad, moving from one mountain town to the next and snowboarding up to 200 days a year.

He settled 4 years ago in the Swiss town of Laax and co-founded the nature driven tech startup inside labs AG, but has never been able to escape the desire to spend more time on the road.

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We are mountain people…

We live, play, and thrive in locations full of natural beauty. We’re passionate about our experiences in nature, and take great joy in introducing people to the things we love.


We’re lifelong learners and cherish opportunities to learn from others that are willing to share their passions, whatever they may be….because at the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.

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We’d love for you to join us on this journey of a lifetime, overflowing with unforgettable experiences, genuine friendships, and exciting stories worth sharing.